Classic Grilled Steaks

No summer would be complete without a barbecue dinner of grilled steaks and fresh salad from the garden. Below are basic, no-fail techniques for ensuring your place as the neighborhood grill maestro.

Serves 2 (Recipe is easily doubled)

2 steaks, preferably 1 ½ inches thick (T-bone, porterhouse, New York strip, top blade, rib eye, or rib steaks will all work)
Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper or herb rubs Garlic-Herb Rub, Cumin-Cinnamon Rub, or Garlic Rosemary Rub.

Sprinkle the steaks liberally with salt and pepper or season with one of the herb or spice rubs suggested above.

Bring the steaks to room temperature while you prepare your grill. Heat the grill so that one-half is hot and the other half is just warm.

Lay the steaks on the hot half of the grill and sear until well-browned, about 2 to 3 minutes. Turn, sear until well-browned, and move them to the warm side of the grill. Grill them 5 to 10 minutes longer, or until they’ve reached the desired doneness) 120°F for rare, 135°F for medium). To gauge the temperature, insert a meat thermometer into the side of the meat rather than the top, being sure not to get close to any bones.

When the steaks have reached the right temperature, remove from the grill, tent with foil, and let rest for 3 to 5 minutes before serving.

Super-Slow-Roasted Rosemary-Crusted Chuck Steak

Chuck steaks cooked using this long, slow method will be flavorful and amazingly delicious – especially when served with a dish of melted butter for dipping! Because it comes from the animal part that does a lot of work, the chuck has loads of flavor. Although the meat will not be as tender as a filet or New York Strip steak, this slow-roasting technique helps to significantly tenderize an ordinarily tough cut.

If you are unsure about your oven’s accuracy at such a low temperature, verify it with an oven thermometer.

On a budget – minimum preparation

Serves 3 to 6 depending on the size of the cut.

Garlic-Rosemary Rub
1 chuck steak or chuck roast, 2’12 to 5 ½ pounds

Preheat oven to 250°F.

Rub Garlic-Rosemary Rub into the chuck. Cover loosely with plastic wrap, and let rest at room temperature for 30 to 60 minutes Roast the meat in a shallow pan for 30 minutes, then lower the oven temperature to 170°F. Continue to roast for 4 to 6 hours (depending on the weight-the larger the cut, the longer the roasting time), or until an internal meat thermometer registers 120°F to 125°F. To ensure tenderness, do not cook beyond 125°F.

Allow the meat to rest, tented loosely with foil, for 5 to 10 minutes before slicing and serving.